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Exploring Innovation with Physical Simulations: A Collaboration Between Canadian Bank Note and Espeem

Updated: 2 days ago

Combination of the Canadian Bank Note and Espeem logos

Canadian Bank Note (CBN), a leader in secure printing, partnered with Espeem to explore innovative manufacturing techniques. Through collaborative physical simulation, we provided valuable insights that enhanced CBN's understanding of their semiconductor process at a fundamental atomic level.

Challenge: Canadian Bank Note (CBN), a world leader in secure printing, sought to explore innovative manufacturing techniques that required a deeper understanding of the physical behavior involved (specifics confidential).

Solution: CBN and Espeem forged a strong partnership, leveraging our expertise in physical simulation. In a collaborative effort, our teams embarked on a journey to create physical simulations of one part of their proposed semiconductor process. This work was a continual back-and-forth, a joint effort to understand the process on a fundamental atomic level.


  • Role of Randomness: Physical simulation provided CBN with estimates of how much randomness in the manufacturing process would affect the experimental observations.

  • Understanding the Design Space: Through repeated trials of different types of simulations, CBN gained a better understanding of which properties were desirable in the input to the manufacturing process.

Canadian Bank Note Quote: "Our 2+ year collaboration with Espeem has been fruitful and productive. They were asked to help interpret our data on novel, challenging systems and they provided valuable insight that helped steer future work and also demonstrated a high level of expertise in their field. They also efficiently completed their tasks and were adaptable and changed directions quickly based on our current priorities. Communication was also excellent: they quickly answered emailed questions, they ensured their monthly planned work was in writing and agreed upon by all, and their progress reports were organized and concise, with additional details supplied in extra folders."

Key Takeaway: This project underscores the crucial role of physical simulation in developing new manufacturing processes. The ability to quickly determine the design space is paramount—flexibility and speed are not just desirable but essential.

Visit our long-time client Canadian Bank Note, renowned for expertise in security printing, lottery systems, and identification systems. Additionally, explore our tailored atomistic simulations and other simulations, just as we did for CBN.

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