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Simulation Web-App Development

Espeem can design web apps that take a simulation workflow and put it into the hands of your experimentalists and lab technicians. Designed to enhance collaboration across your organization, our apps connect theoretical and experimental teams seamlessly.

Service Details

Our process for developing simulation web apps is...



Secure Deployment

Tailor your deployment based on specific security requirements with options for local, cloud, or secure deployments on the Meluxina supercomputer.


User-Friendly Interface

We focus on creating intuitive interfaces that anyone in your team can use, regardless of their simulation expertise. This accessibility ensures that all team members can fully leverage the app's capabilities.


Easy Integration

Our browser- and container-based apps are platform-agnostic, guaranteeing smooth operation across all devices and operating systems and facilitating easy integration with your existing IT infrastructure.


Enhanced Accessibility

Our custom simulations deliver highly accurate results, helping you achieve more reliable and reproducible outcomes in your research.

Increased Productivity

All simulations include high-quality images, relevant citations, an explanation of the procedure, and raw simulation data.

Contact us for a personalized demo or to discuss how we can develop a tailored web app solution.
Explore our specialized web app, designed for academic users in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, and see how our solutions can enhance your simulation capabilities.

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