Give us a tough problem

Our main expertise lies with simulating STM/STS data, but we are willing to help with almost any surface science analysis. 


Our broad experience in simulation and experimental analysis means we can handle a wide array of tasks. And if we can't handle it we can find someone who can.

Completed projects

Prof Konstantin Amsharov

Asked us to investigate the nature of mysterious add-islands using simulations and literature.


Published in Science

Dr Bartosz Such

Asked us to model STM imaging of several molecules on TiO2 for the purpose of identification.

In preparation

Dr John Randall

Asked us to investigate the variation of STM images, due to tip structure, of dangling bonds on Si(001):H.

Results are confidential

Dr Szymon Godlewski

Asked us to model dIdV maps for large molecules for the purpose of identification.


Published in Chemical Science

Dr Szymon Godlewski

Asked us to predict the STM image of several organic molecules for identification.


"Hot paper" in Chemical Communications


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