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Our STM app can give publication-ready images in minutes

We have done everything we can think of to make this app usable for experimentalists in the lab. It sounds a little exaggerated, but it can actually cut down months of work finding a suitable theorist to waiting a few minutes for the calculation to finish. 


(starting from 700 euros annually)


Made for Ease

  • There is no hardware to take care of and no cluster to maintain.

  • There is no complex software to install and compile.

  • All you need is a browser.

Made for Science

  • All simulations have a full explanation with citations of the methods used.

  • Raw data formats can be downloaded and plotted independently.

  • Simulations have already been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Verify the Science

If you want to dig deeper and verify the science of the STM App then please take a look at this more rigorous presentation.

Understand the Idea

We have made a short video explaining why we made this app and how it can help you. 

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