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We understand that different clients have different needs for secrecy/publicity. As a scientist, having people talk about your work is great, although you don't want people to scoop you. If you are creating a for-profit product, you probably would like to keep things quiet. Although you can specify how you would like us to treat your data, Espeem operates with 4 default policies for secrecy/publicity, defined below. If you engage us we will detail the confidentiality in the consulting agreement or a separate NDA as needed.


For Companies in Stealth mode

If your company is in stealth mode, we realize it can be a problem to even acknowledge that Espeem has been contracted. We can also decide on procedures for maintaining data security.


for National Labs and  firms

If you work for a national lab or a nanotechnology firm, we will disclose only the fact that we are working for you and a headline for the project, subject to your approval.

In Preparation

For scientists before publication

If you are a scientist preparing a manuscript for peer-review we will mention the project on our website, but disclose no identifiers of the specific processes and physical system under investigation. We may illustrate the project with similar simulations but never with your data.


For scientists after publication

Once an article including our work has appeared in a peer-reviewed journal we will assume that you will wish us to discuss the work in our publicity, for instance, our newsletter and at conferences. We will not mention unfinished, or draft, work.

In preparation

Contact us to discuss how we can best help you.

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