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Gain Insight from Atomic Simulations 

We can help you use simulations more effectively. Our core expertise is Scanning Tunneling Microscopy(STM) simulations on semiconductors, but we can help with any atomic-scale simulation project. 

What our Clients Say

Official Statement from Canadian Bank Note Lim.

"Our 2+ year collaboration with Espeem has been fruitful and productive. They were asked to help interpret our data on novel, challenging systems and they provided valuable insight that helped steer future work and also demonstrated a high level of expertise in their field." 

Our Services

Simulation Consultancy

Get the help you need with surface science simulations. We can run simulations, help you develop internal simulation apps or help you recruit a simulation expert.

Online STM simulation

Get a prediction of how any molecule will look in STM. The app is free to use for small molecules.

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